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You may be Searching in Internet how much an HP laptop battery costs in India . If you need to replace the battery in your Home. Our HP Laptop Battery Repair/Replacement Services.

HP Laptop Battery

HP is the most popular brand in the laptop and computer-making and selling industry. HP is using rechargeable smart battery pack with-in built in high quality battery management systems (BMS). checking refer guides.

A HP Laptop battery manufacturer use mostly powerful BMS electronic systems is any electronic system that manage a rechargeable battery (cell or battery pack), such as by protecting the battery from outside its safe operating area, monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting the data, controlling the environment, authenticating, and balancing it.

HP Laptop Battery Original


In original hp laptop battery used lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries. these lithium ion battery replace the older nickel metal-hydride typically used in the era of 1990.

Battery life may be highly variable by his models and workload. A laptop battery is charged by using wall power supply. An Example is the HP EliteBook 6930p when used with its ultra-capacity battery.

The power supply output voltage is between 7.2-24 volts. DC connector cable is main part to involve to charger laptop and running well when you used HP laptop battery original or compatible battery.

Some Frequently asked question by customers Offline or Online related to  HP Laptop Battery Original Price In India?

What is the original price of HP laptop Battery?


The exact price depend on laptop models. or running models. If Your Laptop is running status shown in HP official sites. You may purchase original battery online or offline. But your models is outdated, its depend on your area HP Laptop service Center or Service providers to You. But We have some approx idea of our latest and past experience in computer repair and computer parts sale and purchase from various dealers in Delhi NCR. Amount Started Rs 900 To Highest Rs 5500 for Original laptop battery price of HP Pavilion, HP Notebook, HP Probook, HP Elitebook, HP 15R, HP 14R series.

And again another question putting on your mind how to check HP laptop battery model number, price, warranty and health check. Its easily on available on google.

how to find hp laptop battery model number ?


You will need to know where the HP laptop battery model number. Some example of battery model number finer is given below.

How to Find a Battery Model from the Laptop Model?

You can search your laptop model number in hp official website to find which battery fitted in your laptop. or If your battery is removal, you can easily find the battery model number.

Buy HP Laptop Battery Online-Best price For Hp Laptop Battery

Is image Ht03xl  HP Laptop Battery is battery model number. its used in HPx360 laptop or various latest model number. Your searching

 is easy, hp laptop battery serial number check via HP Original website.

HP Laptop Battery Replacement

Its not easy task when your laptop battery inside the back cover of laptop. if you battery is inserted internal. Our recommendation is done by professional only. The reason behind it CMOS cell also inbuilt in internal battery. Many times unprofessional replace your internal battery of HP laptop. your display might be gone or may be sorting occurred in your laptop motherboard.  So our Advisery to all of HP users. When you need to replace your HP Internal battery replacement. Called Professional or hp laptop battery repair shop near your location. Or Hired us for repair or replace your HP Laptop Battery.

HP Laptop Battery Price In India

In  Metropolitan city HP Battery Price is same quote given by all HP Laptop Service Center available. But price may be very at other service provider or computer repair shop in India.

HP Laptop Battery Price Akhilesh Yadav

In UP, HP G6, HPG4, HP 2000 Laptop given by Mr. Akhilesh Yadav when they was chief minister in Up. So that model number is famous by the name of politician Mr. Akhilesh Yadav in UP.

Its original battery is not available in market, but some models of Akhilesh Yadav Laptop is available. Its price start from Rs 1800 or may be vary according to market flotations. Cost Of HP Laptop Battery ( Compatible battery) price is Rs 800 To Rs. 1000 available In Delhi NCR.

HP Laptop Battery Shop Near Me

hp laptop battery shop near me

In Delhi NCR many computer repair shop available and they also deal with laptop battery of HP. they easily provide you HP Laptop Battery Original and Compatible HP Battery to you.

Where you can easily claim you HP laptop warranty. If they provide one year warranty to HP Laptop Battery Replacement. They change your battery when your HP laptop battery is not charging or Backup time given less then 40 minute’s during the warranty period. Or HP Laptop Battery Not Charging to 100%, HP Laptop Battery issues. or draining so fast. 

HP Laptop Battery Price In Delhi


If You don’t want to go for battery price quote or replacement in Nehru Place. We Provide Post Warranty HP Laptop Battery Support Services In Your Location In Delhi. Our repair techies will provide you HP Laptop Battery Replacement Services with no visit no diagnose charge only battery price they will take you. Our HP Laptop Battery Price In Delhi Might be Fixed or Approx. If Original battery available in Market. We Provide original battery for your HP Laptop. Some price list is given below:

HP X360 Laptop Battery:— Rs 1700 for Oem (warranty 6 month) Rs 2500 for Oem Battery (warranty 1 year) Compatible Battery Rs 1400 (one Year warranty)

Hp Ht03xl Battery (HPx360 Laptop Battery)

hp laptop battery jc04 price :


Rs 1750 for Oem (warranty 6 month) Rs 2400 for Oem Battery (warranty 1 year) Compatible Battery Rs 1000 (one Year warranty)

Compatible parts number

hp laptop battery hstnn-lb7w

Refurbished HP Notebook PC 3168NGW Core i3-7020U 4GB 1TB 15.6 Inch Windows 10 Laptop TR/20306.


Rs 1750 for Oem (warranty 6 month) Rs 2400 for Oem Battery (warranty 1 year) Compatible Battery Rs 1000 (one Year warranty)

Where to Buy HP Laptop Battery

In India Various website and e-commerce platform porvide your HP Laptop Battery. But Our advise to you to Buy HP Laptop Battery Online to Us or Computer Repair Techinician Or Computer Repair Shop. Where you can claim your Laptop battery warranty also. 







Authorized HP Laptop Service Center In Greater Noida


Some frequent Asked Question in All HP User Mind Related To Battery Of HP

The first question in every HP Laptop Users Mind.


how to replace HP laptop battery ?

If you are worried about how to replace your hp laptop battery. Don’t worry Localservicewala.co.in professional repair or replace your battery at your doorstep in Delhi NCR.



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