Warranty Policy

We Assure You That Localservicewala.co.in Is Efficient In The Products And Services Its Website Provides To The User And/Or Customers. In Case Of Event Of Any Breach Of This Warranty, The Customer’s Problems Or Queries Will Be Resolved By Our Experts. In Any Event Localservicewala.co.in Does Not Stand Liable, And Shall Not Be Any Remedy To Refund Related Matters. The Failure Of Our Products Or Services If Any, Will Be Looked After And Be Resolved Or Refunded Accordingly, After Looking In To The Terms And Solutions Possible As Per The Situations. We Assure To Disclaim Any Warranties, Mentioned Including All Warranties Of Operations For A Particular Purpose And Non-Infringement Warranties Mentioned Accordingly. The Services By Localservicewala.co.in Website Will Meet Your Requirements And Will Always Be Available, Accessible, Uninterrupted, Timely, Secure And Operate Without Errors. Any Obstructive Use Or Other Exploitation Of The Services Will Not Be Allowed By Quick Mobile. Some Rules And Regulations Do Not Allow The Limitation Or Exclusion Of Warranties Or Of Liability, So Some Of The Above Limitations Or Exclusions May Or May Not Apply To You.

The Warranty Is Not Applicable Under The Following Scenarios :

  • If There Is Any Major Damage To The Device Or If There Is A Possibility That Internal Parts Might Have Been Damaged Too Or The Outer Part Of The Device Or Screen. Such Damages Might Lead To Cause Screen Or Other System Related Malfunctions.
  •  Localservicewala.co.in Does Not Cover Any Damage That Might Be Accidental. In Such Cases The Warranty Will Be Considered As Invalid.
  •  Any Display Related Problems Including The Screen Quality, Screen Issues And Blank Screen.
  •  Such Issues Can Even Occur After Using The Device For The First Time.
  •  Localservicewala.co.in Or Its Website Or Its Representatives Will Not Be Responsible For Any Such Terms Or Their Consequences.
  •  The Warranty Is Valid Only For The Single Device That Has Been Enquired About.
  •  It Can Not Be Transferred From One Device To Another.
  •  The Smartphone Must Be Switching On And Functioning Normally.

The Warranty Will Not Be Valid If The Smartphone Is Any Of The Following Conditions

  •  If The Device Is Damaged By Water.
  •  If The Device Is Jail-Broken.
  •  If The Internal Hardware Of The Device Has Been Tampered With.
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