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dead laptop repair in noida

Laptop is Dead. How to troubleshoot a dead laptop| Tips

In This post many different situations or scenarios we are facing in laptop problems. The following tips are is not a particular brand or model of laptop. You can easily fix your device.

Let's take a seen a normal situations :

Example 1. The Laptop is almost in dead condition.

When you are plug your laptop charger in charing point, No indication of light coming in your laptop, the laptop is a dead condition.

Resolve issues:        
Kindly change the 3 pin or 2 pin power code of your laptop ac adapter. If not working, you can buy a same voltage output you purchase in a original laptop charger. 

If you have some technical knowledge you check another power point or using multimeter to adapter ac output. if everything is ok, you can plug your adapter after few mintues.

or pressing the power button for 60 seconds to unplug the charger and after that you plug a laptop adapter.
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