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Macbook Macos big Sur problems and fix

MacOS 11 Big Sur Latest problems: how to fix the most common issues in Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi

Have you having macOS 11 Big Sur problems? Released on November 12, 2020 Macos Big Sur, In a Month Apple’s laptop  new operating system Big Sur hitting the streets in Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi , So most people faces issues in the early times, But many users faces this types of issues in recently. But, if you haven’t any issues in your macbook pro or air device, don’t worry to go anywhere. There is  no time limit to fixing this types of issues and problems, and we Will advise you how to resolve your macos big sur by your own hands.

Macos 11 Big sur Common issues facing by our customers and our side also

Sound gones

Spaces issues

Wifi network gone

Installation failed

Bad gateway

Stuck in installation

Login problems

Noisy fan problems

Slowly running

Batteries issues

Mouse Problems

Bluetooth issues

Above problems are fixing by other methods is given below

1. How to fixing a Macos Big Sur Login Problems

/sbin/mount -uw / 

Paste a command in command prompt when you restart your mac by holding command +s keys on your keyboard

and 2nd command you will paste on command prompt is given below

rm /var/db/.applesetupdone

This file repair your apple mac os big sur and sure your problems is solved, and otherwise you can call us for macos big sur issues resolve by home visit call us 8929292667 for repairing your macbook pro or air device. we are able to fixing any apple device at your site or our offices also. 

2. MacBook fans become noisy after updating to Big Sur

You can fix this problems to update your finder or reindex the finder and update your apps also. after few hours it will working like as normal apple device.

Is macOS Big Sur running slowly? Here's how to fix it

No need to worried about your machine slowing down, you can doing only one things optimise your mac device.

you can clear your caches and close unwanted background apps is running in your device.
It also increase the performance of your mac device.

How to fix macOS Big Sur battery issues 

Its all related to macos big sur update. Many update are updating in background, so you  can feel your battery is drain fast. after a few hours update your apps in your mac machine. you can see that your mac device is running likes as your old calculation.

Many more shortcuts we have to resolve your macos big sur problems, you can call feel free to us to repairing your mac device at any time in Delhi and NCR.
Call us our helpline number is +91-8929292667


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