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Dead laptop Fixing Steps In Noida

How To Fix a Dead Laptop part 2| No display but power light is on When Charger is Connect _Repairing Guide By Onsite Service Experience

Why problems comes?

Last 7 year I am working as a computer repair consultant, before that we are giving leads to computer repair shop engineers. As per my whole 7 year of experience it is minor issues in all types of laptop. Minor issues like your laptop will on 95 percent by laptop cleaning and services or ram replacement. Major issues come when your NVidia graphic card or amd ryden or amd graphics or HM Chip problems.

According to my experiences laptop users purchase their laptop and they uses their laptop when a problem is occurred, after problems occurred they said that after purchase their laptop they never gone for a services of their laptop.

After one year every laptop needs to services but customers will not done. And new laptop comes after 1 or 2 years they got problems.


After your warranty is over, you will visit a nearest shop or service center for laptop cleaning and services. And your laptop service done in front of your eyes. Laptop cleaning services  estimated times is 30 minutes. And you need to check they change the thermal paste and fan cleaning is done or not.

If you are facing a dead laptop scenario no display but power light is on while connecting the charger.

First you need to clean you ram by eraser or chemical if you have, after erasing the ram, and kindly put in gentle way in their slots.

Second steps to change the thermal paste and reinsert the cmos battery and fan cleans.


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