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            Can windows 10 protect against ransomware ?


Yes, Windows 10 Stop Ransomware. Windows 10 have own inbuilt features ransomware protection , Yes, you can enable it.


This features is available in all windows 10 version and types. 

Windows 10 home, pro, education comes with its inside features of  Windows Defender  controlled folder acess, First time when windows installed its enable by default with new pc, Formatting or reinstalling windows just enable this features to protect our valuable data.

Few simple steps to protect against the new coming malware or old malware threats. But In this Controlled folder access features we protect our c drive data and other drive data also likes docs and video and pictures also.
Step to coming controlled folder access

Type in Search bar

1st ways (short ways)

ransomware protection

than show ransomware protection go inside

and enable the protection

2nd ways (long ways)

first types windows updates

then ransomware protection folder click

and then controlled folder access click and enable it

long way by navigating to

Settings > Update & Security, click on Open Windows Security,
 click on Virus & threat protection, 

then scroll down and click on Manage ransomware protection.

 Now a days every one  horrify the news of ransomware hits this company or that company.

If you are using smart and short techniques to protect your data as well operate windows 10 in easy ways.

When you play any online games like fifa 2021, or you didn't enable ransomware protection (controlled folder access). your other drive data will be encrypted while playing games onlines. 

So do smart to play online games, Because microsoft is big giant company, our small researches help other people to slow down the rates of ransomware hits

Our provides home support services of  windows installation and ransomware protection services in delhi and ncr.

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